Guest Information

White Eagle enjoys the privilege of hosting many guests of members throughout the year. The following policies are to be used as a guideline during your visit to the Club.


Bermuda - length shorts, collared shirts, and slacks are suitable attire. Tennis shorts, cut - offs, tee shirts, gym shorts, and denim are not considered proper attire. Caps should be worn facing forward and shirt tails should be tucked in. Golfers are requested to remove hats inside the Clubhouse. It is the member’s responsibility to inform their guests of the club’s policy on golf attire.

Golf Course

Upon arrival to White Eagle Golf Club, please follow signs leading to the Bag Drop. There, a club employee will assist you with your golf bag and direct you to the pro - shop and locker - room areas. All guests are asked to use the locker rooms to change their shoes and or clothing. Players are expected to complete their round in 4 hours or less. Ready golf is encouraged and expected when circumstances require. Groups are expected to be conscious of their position on the course at all times and considerate of groups behind them. Groups are asked to respect all staff requests to maintain a proper pace.

Lightning Policy

White Eagle Golf Club is equipped with a state - of - the - art lightning detection system. When the lightning detection system warning siren is sounded, ALL golfers and their caddies on the course MUST immediately seek shelter in an on - course shelter or in the Clubhouse. If you hear a FAST SIREN, YOU MUST CLEAR THE COURSE AND SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY.

Players/caddies MUST stay in a shelter until an “all clear” signal has been given.

You will hear an INTERMITTENT SIREN when it is all clear to return to play. Common sense should always prevail, if you hear thunder or see lightning but do not hear the detection system sirens, proceed to the nearest shelter until instructed to resume play.

There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure. Storms are potentially life threatening. Caddies have been instructed to follow these procedures and members should not ask them to do otherwise.